Infused Mini Pre-Rolls: Pineapple Blast

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  • Indica
  • THC: 41.11%
  • CBD: 0.41%

$40.00 /each

*Tax Included

Indulge in the tropical paradise of Pineapple Blast. The sweet and tangy notes of pineapple harmonize with the earthy undertones of cannabis, creating a blissful fusion of tastes that dance on your palate.

🌿 Premium Ingredients:
✔️ Premium Indoor Flower: We start with carefully cultivated indoor-grown cannabis flower, ensuring top-notch quality and consistent effects.
✔️ Liquid Diamonds Infusion: Our proprietary Liquid Diamonds infusion technique maximizes the delivery of cannabinoids, enhancing the overall experience.
✔️ Meticulously Coated in Kief: A delicate layer of kief adds an extra layer of potency and a touch of sparkle to your Dogwalker.

💥 Key Features:
✨ Potency: Elevate your journey with a potent blend of cannabinoids that offers a well-rounded and balanced effect.
✨ Craftsmanship: Our Infused Dogwalkers are a testament to our dedication to crafting exceptional cannabis products.
✨ Unforgettable Experience: Pineapple Blast takes you on a sensory adventure, combining the best of flavor and effects.